WRDSB Password Kiosk

Self-Service Account Management

This application allows you to manage your PAL (Personal Administrative Login)

In order to proceed you must know both your PAL password and your EIN (Employee Identification Number).

Enrollment / Profile Update

If this is your first time using the PAL Password Kiosk, you need to first create a PAL profile. The PAL profile is used to verify your identity in the event of a lost or forgotten password. You can go back through the enrollment process at any time to update your profile. If you wish to enroll, or you wish to update your profile click on the pencil icon above.

Password Change

Use the Password Change link above to change your PAL password. You must have created a profile in the Enrollment step to change your PAL password. You must know your PAL username, your WRDSB EIN number and your answers to the profile question presented in order to change your password. If you wish to change your password click on the lock icon above.

In both of these applications you will receive confirmation emails upon completion of the process.

For more information please review our support video.